pinnacle charity dinner

So, a day or so after the Pinnacle Group Annual Charity Dinner and time to reflect on the evening…

Firstly I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that bought a ticket and helped make the evening a great success for our 2 wonderful Charities this year, without you all being there these events wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as you make them ???

Secondly a massive THANK YOU to Sharn Jones and Annie Martin from Pinnacle for the work, commitment and creative power they both bring to these events and challenges. You really are 100% troopers and we couldn’t do these things without you ??? Also all the sponsors of these events for donating prizes, auction items, the dressage/balloons and time spent helping set the room up ??? another on the THANK YOU front, the Vale Resort and Hensol Castle with all their fantastic staff and management who for 7 years have supported us in these events you did us proud so a big shout out to you all ???. Also Kevin our compare and comedian for the evening a big THANK YOU ( Sarah Thyer) you were brilliant Kev. ???

Finally, we need to mention why we do these events…this year it was for two incredible causes in Woody`s Lodge who do so much great work in our community with the amazing Sian Woodland and David Trotman heading up the fantastic work and of course a wonderful cause in our very own Geraint`s Trust who do so much work in communicating the effects of asthma in children and being able to support our own Super Geraint with the amazing Julie RichardsKayley Richards & Chris Richards… The year working you both isnt quite over but I am sure that Annie and Sharn will announce what we achieved on the night over the next day or so.

Thanks You all once again, too many people to tag everyone so please feel free to share and spread the good work of Woody`s and Geraint`s Trust.