Pinnacle donate a special educational needs desk to local student

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During the Inspire teachers conference held at The Vale
Resort in July where Pinnacle were exhibiting, the Head of Upper Rhymney
Primary School, Sam King discussed the challenges faced when children have
special needs in the school.

The head was delighted with this and the desk was delivered to the school on the 24th October.  Josh was very happy with his new desk.

She went onto talk about a lovely boy called Josh who has Achondroplasia. (Known as Dwarfism)  He has been equipped with a height adjustable chair but was putting extra strain on his back when he stood at his current desk to do certain lessons such as arts & crafts as the classroom desk was a little too high to lean on comfortably.

The team from Pinnacle in discussion with the manufacturers of the SEN classroom furniture and integrated IT desk range agreed to build something bespoke that would be in keeping with the existing classroom desk range but that would be height adjustable to accommodate Josh sitting or standing at his desk and donate this to the school.

Josh’s Mum Carol comments “Josh is really pleased with his fab new height adjustable classroom desk donated by Pinnacle and ddb”.

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