Trusted customer produce scrub prints for NHS

Following support and generosity from a trusted, long term Customer, the Pinnacle Group helped scrubs get delivered to hospitals in South and West Wales.

At the beginning of May, Pinnacle received a request to produce a set of vital high dependency scrub patterns & instructions which would help to support the National shortage of (PPE).

Pinnacle knew that sourcing these prints was crucial in allowing the time sensitive production of sufficient scrubs for frontline workers, operating in hospitals within South and West Wales. Production of these prints came at time when the health and safety of our NHS workers was being compromised on an hourly basis due to a lack of appropriate PPE.

With the safety of our frontline workers paramount, Pinnacle set about making the necessary arrangements to assist with this essential project.

Pinnacle reached out to a large finance and banking company and trusted customer, with this time critical task. With Pinnacle supplying the necessary resources to complete the job, the client generously offered to produce 10 A0 prints free of charge, which was completed instantaneously and without thought!

The next stage in the production line was to turn the prints in to scrubs. The prints were taken to a partner in Swansea, who supported by volunteers for 48 hours produced close to 1,000 sets. These scrubs were then distributed to hospitals within the South and West regions of Wales to support its staff and overall National shortage of PPE in addition to this we also collectively delivered over 200 staff laundry bags for Gloucestershire Health Services and their frontline workers.

Clive Hamilton, MD of the Pinnacle Group comments “I honestly feel proud to say that we work and partner with such a supportive company. At a time when our NHS needed help, I knew that I had the backing and support network to ensure that we could help our most vital workers during such a challenging and testing time”.

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