Understanding the true nature of digital document capture

Understanding the true nature of digital document capture doesn’t necessarily require a business to convert and abolish their paper methods altogether and move to paperless. It is to understand how to use document capture and document management to work smarter and go paper-less

Document capture is the method of converting physical paper documents into digital representations. This is done by scanning the physical document into a scanner or multifunctional device, which will produce a digital copy of the document. Document management is the act of maintaining a level of the high security of sensitive content to your business by managing the digital document securely and either securely disposing or storing the physical document.


Imagine a daily scenario in any business, letters, and postal mail come through to the main desk, and then they are distributed physically to individuals via an employee. The advantage of document capture can automate this process by scanning the mail into a scanner. The mail can then be sent to the recipients electronically. Adopting this way of working not only helps organisations save time, but it can also have a significant impact on financial gain.

The example above is just one of many ways digital document capture can help alter paper processes in work environments and speed up working duties, making it more efficient and actionable. There is a greater need now, in the digital age, to update paper-based workflows in any organisation through the use of secure document scanning and document management.

Imagine the scenario above but on a much bigger working scale, which includes mass amounts of physical paper documents coming into an organisation. The pain of dealing with them daily can be hard to manage and makes it vulnerable to many human errors and can not always guarantee full security of the document which can be dangerous, especially for sensitive content. Document capture and document management services can take away these pains by working with your business documents, no matter how unique and complex they are.


With large amounts of paper documents comes the pain of storing them and keeping them safe. Many organisations need to keep paper documents stored in on-site archives for future referrals or to simply keep them safe. Digital document management can help overcome those pains by scanning and digitising the documents to a securely stored online portal giving businesses access to all their documents and instant retrieval of them at their fingertips.

Moving documents to a digital format not only help a business save money on storage costs, but it also helps to keep the document safe from being misplaced or lost and any physical damage. Electronic documents are stored securely in multiple ways and are backed up to ensure peace of mind. Access to the documents is only allowed through authentication and authorisation, which again adds security to documents compared to physical archives in office spaces.


For any organisation, digitising their document management systems can offer a significant advantage on the way daily tasks are carried out and the general operation of the business. Documents can be accessed in a quicker manner, which helps to increase effectiveness and offers a customer a higher level of professionalism.

In short, document management can help reduce storage space and cost of archives and simultaneously enhances document security digitally by only allowing granted users to access them. It allows organisation to improve regulatory compliance by classifying them easier and makes them easier to retrieve when you need them promptly. Having control over documents also helps businesses collaborate better not just within a company but with customers. Document management importantly offers greater backup and disaster recovery. Due to the efficiency and level of control document management gives, it provides businesses with greater flexibility and the option to rise above competitors and meet the needs of their clients better.