Organisations are under more stress than ever with managing a new working culture and setting up hybrid working procedures. All whilst retaining talent midst a shortage of skilled workers.

With time-sensitive tasks to be completed, most being labour intensive and repetitive, the burden of administrative tasks quickly eats away at the productive time from the actual job at hand.

How would you feel if your business had the ability to reclaim up to 60% of your time?

Here at Pinnacle, we take a closer look at all the processes within your organisation which entail manual handling of documents. These will be paper and digital documents, including scanning, as this process of converting your paper documents to digital format does not remove the manual process or eliminate documents attached to an email that still require manual handling.

Part of our role is to highlight to managers and leaders how our solutions increase productivity amongst colleagues and employees by eliminating the administrative burden by simply automating the repetitive tasks.

Once your business understands the journey of documents, reviews the touchpoints and uncovers repetitive organisational tasks, your organisation will be able to focus on business development and growth.

The gift of time is possible by exploring your own digital transformation journey, seeking automation and workflow management tools and understanding which cloud-based work tools are best for your business.

With the advancement of technology and IA  – Intelligent automation, Time is released!!

Let us support you on your journey of discovering the gift of time!!

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