Are you worried about starting your Digitisation journey?

Digital transformation may seem like a journey into the unknown, but like any new journey, it’s stressful, time-sensitive and demanding – it’s a significant change. Adopting new technologies and processes is disruptive but positive!         Since we established that the unknown and the uncertainty of digital transformation are at the centre of most fears, your best […]

The gift of time

Organisations are under more stress than ever with managing a new working culture and setting up hybrid working procedures. All whilst retaining talent midst a shortage of skilled workers. With time-sensitive tasks to be completed, most being labour intensive and repetitive, the burden of administrative tasks quickly eats away at the productive time from the […]

Rethinking the World of Work

No matter what industry or organisation you are in, from Engineering, Manufacturing to Legal, Corporate and Public Sector, in the last two years we have all seen vast changes in our working environment. With many businesses adapting to a new working culture. The legacy model of a singular workplace environment is no longer the norm. […]

Understanding the true nature of digital document capture

Understanding the true nature of digital document capture doesn’t necessarily require a business to convert and abolish their paper methods altogether and move to paperless. It is to understand how to use document capture and document management to work smarter and go paper-less Document capture is the method of converting physical paper documents into digital […]

Why businesses should be adopting Cloud

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The world is changing and so is the way we work – we no longer go to work, work comes to us. This is why businesses are making investment decisions, moving from the traditional on-premise IT infrastructure, to either a Hybrid or fully Cloud based solution. Cost Savings Research suggests that cloud adoption could reduce […]