Device As

A Service


A well designed DaaS offering can give you a lower cost of ownership than capital purchase but also allow you to seamlessly and cost-effectively access the latest technology solutions to best suit your business.

Why DaaS?


Identify, predict and address issues, with analytics that use machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights that help you optimise your IT spending and resources.



Our Service Experts use analytics and modern management tools to manage your mixed OS devices. The one-stop dashboard also allows incident integration with ServiceNow.


Cost Effective

Providing flexible payment solution with terms that scale and work for your business—or bring your own private, partner or 3rd party financing.


Ivan explains how much his day-to-day life has changed for the better thanks to DaaS.

The solution saves him so much effort and time, he is free to do the important work that drives the business forward.

How DaaS works

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