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Pinnacle are delighted to be a certified and
accredited reseller for Devices for Education.

Powered by Devices for Education, our collaborative mission is to allow every child in England & Wales access to a fit for purpose laptop, to assist with their educational needs. Devices for Education works collaboratively with major IT Brands to deliver cost-effective devices with digital contract capability.

Options for schools to procure devices are flexible including outright purchase, operating leases and parental contribution options. In addition to flexible procure options, Devices for Education is a Government supported scheme, with framework costing.

This means that transparent, fair and cost-effective device
choices are only one step away!

Procurement Options

Outright Purchases

The Device for Education platform is designed to make the purchasing process simple and achievable. 

All your information is in one place, with total visibility of available products and access to market-beating prices, plus expert help at every step.


For many schools, leases provide the best solution, both for keeping up to date with the latest tech and money management. 

By relieving the burden of upfront expense, schools can focus on getting the right equipment for their students, as and when required.

Parental Donation Schemes

With the easy-to-use Donation Portal, schools can effortlessly manage and receive donations to support their 1:1 initiatives including the automatic use of gift aid where appropriate.

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