What is ePRINTit?

ePRINTit™’s cloud printing solution enables end users to maximise their productivity by allowing secure access and printing from all of their favourite cloud storage accounts, as well as physical device memory, all from a single platform. 

With secure encryption of all print jobs from their upload to hard-copy retrieval, the software provides complete protection of all confidential user documents, so that they do not need to worry about possible security breaches 

Document Access Points and Upload

 ePRINTit™’s cloud printing solution offers users a variety of accessible ways through which they can access and upload their print documents for printing on campus.

Users can logon to the ePRINTit™ web portal from any web-connected device and upload their desired print files directly to the ePRINTit™ cloud, manage their account and funds, and view previously executed print jobs. They can also download their original documents to make any further edits.

Print Document Retrieval

ePRINTit™ offers three different mechanisms for print job release, including Kiosk stations, Desktop or Tablet Release stations, and Printer Release stations.

Users using the Kiosk stations interface with a highly user-friendly system, enables them to release their documents either directly from USB storage drives, logging into their ePRINTit™ portal, or entering the 8-digit release code they received while using the email option (release code can also be seen on the mobile app).


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