Pinnacle Post, powered by DocMail

Pinnacle Post? Do you run a post office now?

Not quite but close. Pinnacle Post means we do all the hard work when it comes to printing, addressing and posting all your letters and mailers. Fast, secure and always on time.

This is how it works

At the moment you probably go to "File" and then "Print" when you want to print your letters. You then sign the letter, grab an envelope, lick the stamp (urgghh) and put it in the post. With Pinnacle Post you still go to "File" but instead of selecting your own printer, you choose Pinnacle Post. Your letter will be printed,  prepared, franked and posted. We do all the work at an off site location while you get on with more important things.

Really? Sounds complicated

Trust us, it's not. Thousands of customers already use Hybrid Mail, as it's technically called. We call it Pinnacle Post and we are backed by the world leader, DocMail. You may have seen DocMail's mark on your council tax bills, election forms and other mail that comes through your letter box. DocMail was developed by CFH, a major fulfillment house in Radstock (near Bath) and we are proud to work with them. 

Would you like to find out more?

Pinnacle Post can  potentially save you a lot of money and we would love to explain the service in more detail.Our representatives are experts in their field and will happily look at your current set up wihout any obligations.

Anything else?

Pinnacle Post, powered by DocMail. Together we're stronger.

Xerox MPS is changing the way you work

Managed Print Services streaming your Workflow

Streamline Your Workflow


We understand that every business is unique. But, not every business has the level of control over their document management system they would like. Many of our competitors offer different Managed Print Service packages, not us.

We will work with key members of your business to determine the pain points and understand how your current document management works.

Once we have all the information, we will again, work with you to build a bespoke Managed Print Service offering tailored to your needs.

By doing this we can bring the printing, security and productivity you desire, along with implementing cost controls and helping your business to become even more environmentally friendly with a safe and secure workflow.

Why Managed Print Services?

By pro-actively monitoring your systems in real time, we are able to monitor consumable levels, identify system faults or issues before they become a problem. Furthermore, we can rectify them quickly to prevent disruption, ensuring your business or organisations document management solutions achieve the highest attainable up-time. This ensures your business or organisations business remains productive and reliable.

Advantages of a Managed Print Service?

With the Managed Print Service taking care of 90% of all consumable ordering, along with the automation of meter readings and proactive monitoring of your document management solutions, we can free up time and precious resource for your IT/Admin departments to concentrate on other key tasks or projects that help sustain and grow your business or organisation.

Key Elements

Assess & Optimise


During print assessment and optimisation, we’ll provide an accurate baseline of your current spending.

By looking across your office and production printing environments, we’ll give you a holistic view of your printing needs.

You’ll gain the accurate information you need to take action. We will help you reduce costs by as much as 30% and support your sustainability goals.

Secure & Integrate


Move from your current printing environment to your ideal future state with our help. We may use a phased approach to make the transition easier on you and everyone in your office.

We’ll also help connect everything to your IT infrastructure in a secure and compliant way.

This is when we turn on the solutions for secure printing from mobile and devices and manage your print servers and print queues.

Automate & Simplify


Sit back and relax while we manage the day to day operations of your ideal print and document infrastructure. Through on-going data collection , review and analysis, we’ll help you continue to improve productivity.

We can also help you automate paper based processes with the goal of further enhancing productivity through reduced printing. We’ll also develop smart workflows to capture, route, store and retrieve documents by leveraging content management software and solutions.

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