Pinnacle Mail

Pinnacle Mail? Do you run a post office now?

Not quite but close. Pinnacle Mail means we do all the hard work when it comes to printing, addressing and posting all your letters and mailers. Fast, secure and always on time. 

This is how it works

At the moment you probably go to "File" and then "Print" when you want to print your letters. You then sign the letter, grab an envelope, lick the stamp (urgghh) and put it in the post. 

With Pinnacle Mail you still go to "File" but instead of selecting your own printer, you choose Pinnacle Mail. Your letter will be printed,  prepared, franked and posted. We do all the work at an off site location while you get on with more important things. 

Would you like to find out more?

Pinnacle Mail can  potentially save you a lot of money and we would love to explain the service in more detail.

Our representatives are experts in their field and will happily look at your current set up without any obligations. 

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