Ensuring that your retail business provides the best possible customer service is vital to driving success. Being able to deliver services to your customers in a timely manner is key to a good customer service experience. However, where paper is involved, processes can inevitably become delayed, leading to both frustrated customers and employees.

The requirement to retain reports, invoices and receipts can lead to time consuming, unruly document management, compromising the security of your information.

Space is often an issue in retail establishments as many operate from a city centre location, which undoubtably has a large financial impact. We know that businesses need to utilise every square foot of their premises for core business activities.

App technology for the retail sector

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How Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology transforms the printer into a smart workplace assistant.



  • Xerox Intelligent Workplace Services helped Baumax optimise their equipment fleet, eliminating inefficient equipment and introducing new productive and sustainable devices. 

    Baumax has already seen the following benefits from Xerox MPS solution:

    • Reduction of devices by 42% and standardisation of the equipment used 
    • Additional monitoring and visibility over the print fleet and ability to control and plan costs 
    • Reduction of printing costs by 20%
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions 
    • Increased satisfaction of customers at Baumax stores 

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