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Xerox ConnectKey

Smart multifunction printers built on ConnectKey Technology simply get the job done – so you can stay focused on your work and not the technology.

With ConnectKey, you can do much more than just print, scan, fax and copy.

You can turn your multifunction printer into the centre of a complete productivity ecosystem, right out of the box.

Intuitive Touchscreen

An Intuitive Touchscreen Interface. A tablet-like touchscreen experience customised to your business needs.

Swipe, tap, scroll, and pinch your way through task-focused apps with ease. The AltaLink® and VersaLink® family of products offers true tablet-like functionality that allows you to configure jobs by scrolling, just like a tablet! Its intuitive design is simple to use, resulting in fewer clicks to complete a job and less time spent at the printer.

The user screen is app-driven and task-specific, allowing you to customise it to fit your business preferences by placing the apps used most front and centre. And installation “wizards” make setup fast and easy — even for non-technical users — without having to call (and wait for) IT

See how it works

Watch the large tablet - like interface in action on ConnectKey Technology enabled devices.

Use the ConnectKey UI Simulator now

Try the simple, yet intuitive tablet-like touchscreen. 

Mobile & Cloud Ready

Everyone can print, scan and share docs from their mobile devices.

A mobile device becomes a work hub away from the workplace with Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology. With workflow automation, you can manage work from anywhere, via laptop, tablet or smart phone. Download, share, print, scan, distribute and even translate documents on the go, simply by tapping an app.

Use the ConnectKey Technology optional Wi-Fi feature and your organization’s cloud service to connect everyone’s mobile devices to ConnectKey MFPs — with native mobility software solutions including AirPrint, Mopria, Google Cloud Print, and the Xerox® Android Print Service Plug-in. Plus, DropBox™, Google Drive, and OneDrive are pre-installed on VersaLink® printers and downloadable from the AppGallery on AltaLink® MFPs.

See how it works

See how ConnectKey Technology lets people work from just about anywhere.

Advanced Printer Security


State of the Art Printer and Data Security.

Exceeds industry standards for security features and technologies.

Security is a top priority for us, and we know it is for your business, too. That’s why every Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled device is armed with our holistic four-point approach to security, ensuring comprehensive, all-encompassing protection for all system components and points of vulnerability.

Security Features

Intrusion Prevention

A comprehensive set of capabilities prevents malicious attacks, proliferation of malware, and misuse of unauthorised access to the printer. Whether from transmitted data or directly at the MFP, all access points are protected through user authentication and access controls.

Document & Data Protection

Capabilities prevent intentional or unintentional transmission of critical data to unauthorised parties. Documents are not released until the right user is at the device and scanned information is protected from unauthorized users. Xerox also protects stored information, using the highest levels of encryption. Processed or stored data that is no longer required can be deleted using National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.S. Department of Defence approved data clearing and sanitation algorithm

Device Detection

A comprehensive Firmware Verification test, either at start-up* or when activated by authorised users, provides alerts if any harmful changes to the printer have been detected. McAfee® Whitelisting** technology constantly monitors for and automatically prevents any malicious malware from running.

External Partnerships

ConnectKey Technology provides extra security standards through a partnership with McAfee®.* We measure our performance against international standards with certifications like Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 to ensure our devices are trusted in even the most secure environments.

Customised Experience


Xerox® App Gallery Adapts to Evolving Needs.

Your business needs change over time. That’s why ConnectKey features an ever-evolving gallery of apps — including those from third-party developers — that lets you add, delete, or swap tools in your own custom app gallery.

Easily connect mobile workers to Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices. Use the Xerox® App Gallery to download new apps — scan and convert paper into the format you need with CapturePoint; translate documents via MFP, PC, or smart device with Easy Translator; share patient information securely with the healthcare app. ConnectKey Technology helps to streamline how your business deals with critical information — in-house or in the cloud.

See how it works

Watch how productivity apps let you customise your workplace

ConnectKey apps

ConnectKey Apps are designed to assist your staff, by creating and simplifying every day tasks, making them faster and easeir to achieve. As with other software solutions, ConnectKey Apps enhances the capabilities of your multifunction printers (built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology) helping you to take advantage of the hardware investment.

But unlike the traditional softwares, ConnectKey Apps do not require a dedicated server, PC or IT resource. Instead, ConnectKey Apps are lightweight, serverless solutions you can download to your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer via USB or CentreWare Internet Services.

Pinnacle have the ability to create bespoke ConnectKey Apps, that will work for your organisation and help to turn your multifunction printer in to more than just a document producing machine in the corner of your office.

ConnectKey Vertical Market Demonstrations







Xerox Docushare

Flexible, web-based and easy to use

Designed from the ground up with usability, flexibility and convenience in mind, DocuShare helps knowledge workers be more efficient every day by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes – the lifeblood of today’s work environment.

DocuShare’s intuitive tools are designed to ensure knowledge workers extract the greatest value from business documents, while minimising the challenges associated with legacy paperbased ways of working.

Key Features

Web Based Software

Integration to Applications

Personalised to You

Fully Mobile

Reduces Operational Costs

Content Control

Winter 2018 Enterprise Content Management Grid

Xerox® DocuShare® has been named a Leader for the third consecutive time in the G2 Crowd Winter 2018 ECM Grid Report.

View Our Docushare Success Stories

City of Newark

Automated multi-step processes to increase responsiveness and meet the Open Public Records Act

London Borough of Islington

Promoting sustainability through digital archiving using Docushare

DocuShare Awards

Independent analyst firm BLI, a leading independent evaluator, has recognised Xerox enterprise content management (ECM) and imaging software in two separate awards 

Xerox Easy Translator Service

Competing in a global economy means producing multilingual documents. Whatever your organisational size, translation requirements, or budget constraints, Xerox® Easy Translator Service is the perfect solution.

Xerox Easy Translator offers comprehensive language translation services by utilising state-of-the-art technology: from instant machine translation of your hard copy documents to professional human translation services for your digital files.

Documents translated via your Xerox ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer (MFP) or mobile app can be downloaded from the web portal via your saved order history. Print your translated documents directly to your Xerox MFP at any time with our easy-to-use app.

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35 + Languages

Translate and localise documents in over 35 language choices. Choose your required level of service based on your document, time, and budget requirements. 

20 + Formats

Benefit from world-class OCR that recognises over 20 document formats, making it possible for your translations to preserve the formatting of the original document. 

50,000 + Professionals

Access to certified translation services from over 50,000 native speaking professionals when you need them. We are ready to work with you to produce the high quality translated document you need at any time. 

10 Payment Methods

Flexibility to choose the most convenient payment option for your organisation. 

Supported Languages

  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • German
  • Greek
  • Haitian
  • Creole
  • Hmong Daw
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Malay
  • Maltese
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese
  • Welsh

Xerox Mobile Print

Detail your services

It’s no secret that mobile technology has changed where and how business gets done.

People work from virtually anywhere using a multitude of mobile devices, ranging from Smartphone’s to tablets and as mobile as our office workers have become, there is still a need to print conveniently.

That’s where using the Xerox powered Mobile Print offering can help with powerful and flexible choices.

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Convenient Mobile Printing

From most mobile devices to almost any networked print device, Xerox® Mobile Print raises your productivity any place your business takes you – whether you’re out and about or simply in another part of your building.

We take the mystery and anxiety out of mobile-device printing with truly flexible solutions that are simple, convenient and secure.

Flexible Print Workflows

Xerox® Mobile Print enables you to easily print from your smartphone or tablet – as well as laptops and desktops. You can:

• Select your office documents, photos, PDFs and more.
• Find the closest printer and manage your print settings.
• Select and preview your document.
• Securely release your document to print.

Connect Apps and Print

True native Microsoft® Office conversion enables you to print your most common business documents such as:

  • Microsoft Word®
  • Excel® 
  • PowerPoint®
  • PDFs

As well as common image formats without concern for losing your formatting, data or quality.

See how Xerox Mobile Print works

View Our Mobile Print Success Stories


Proof of Concept deployment of the Xerox Mobile Print and Equitrac Express Solutions

Brickell Reality Group

Simple, convenient and secure, this is what the international market is looking for...

Xerox PrintSafe

Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides security for printed data on your multifunction printers including both Xerox® devices and devices from other vendors.

As a software only solution, it’s an affordable option for any business.

Realise additional cost savings, because there is no proprietary associated hardware that needs to be purchased, enabling you to leverage existing authentication readers or purchase them from a preferred card reader vendor


Low maintenance

This software-only solution requires a minimal investment of time from IT, is easy to install and integrates easily with most industry devices.

Multiple cost savings

Affordable for any business size, there are no hidden costs, a variety of custom bundled choices are available and there’s no additional charge for convenient printing (pull printing).


Easy integration

Apart from standard PIN authentication PrintSafe allows optional card reader integration across multiple vendors.

Protected print workflows

Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides maximum data security for your most valuable assets.

Simple and secure

A single authentication step allows access to multiple Xerox® device functions.


Multifaceted solution

An authentication solution that helps minimise your software footprint.

Supporting both Xerox and other industry print devices, enabling it to grow with your businesses as devices are added to your network.
& PDFs.

Available at a moment’s notice 

Print anywhere, on any device that’s integrated into the network.

Key features

• Always ready. Enables print access to any printer at any time.

• Save time. Save money. Allows the user to choose what to print and when, and the ability to delete or make changes to documents prior to printing. Reducing costs related to printing outdated or unnecessary documents. As a result toners costs associated with avoidable printing will also be reduced.

• It’s not complicated. Easy to learn and use, it works with the technology that the user is already accustomed to accessing for printing documents.

• Integrated. Provides the flexibility to print across devices, not just one brand and to print anywhere on the network.

• Seamless setup. This authentication software solution leverages existing technology making implementation easy. Also, it’s completely compatible with print workflows, alleviating any disruption to everyday printing.

• Easy integration. Apart from standard PIN authentication PrintSafe allows optional card reader integration across multiple vendors.

• Protected print workflows. Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides maximum data security for your most valuable assets.

• Simple and secure. A single authentication step allows access to multiple Xerox® device functions.


Streamline your IT and document flows using the latest Microsoft Technologies available. Maximise the productivity of your existing Microsoft technologies, we are able to make significant reductions in costs, improve efficiency, productivity and ultimate help improve your profits year on year.

We offer a range of cutting edge solutions designed to work with traditional, desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phone technology using the latest security tools to help your business stay compliant.

We pride ourselves on being able to demystify some of the myths surrounding how you can consume IT traditionally, to help reduce consultancy time, dependency and ultimately costs. Using a blend of proven training, consultancy and mentoring we can help you gain more control of you own IT systems and improve productivity.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud powered connection, collaboration and control toolset.

Office 365 has the applications you know, that are always up to date and accessible from virtually anywhere.

Giving you cloud access to all the Mircosoft Office products, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint but with the added Lync integration and a whole load more.

Document Workflow

Print Solutions - Simplified and Integrated

Document security your way

Choose from intelligent products that provide control, authentication, convenience and security whilst reducing IT complexity.

Benefit from single sign-on access coupled with the ability to personalise print queues. Ensure complete confidentiality with optional on device management for true ease of use.

Manage mixed fleet estates from a single user interface, whilst incorporating new or existing card readers and biometrics secured utilising industry standards.

Scalable solutions that provide seamless integration into your infrastructure from any device be it mobile, desktop or web portal, safe in the knowledge it’s secure, managed and accounted for within your cost structure through rules based administration to create cost-effective printing behaviour, meet your cost control, security and authentication and your environmental targets.

Start your digital journey with Pinnacle Print Solutions and take the first step into the next generation of Managed Print Services.

One Print Driver, Universal Printing

Adding the Xerox Global Print Driver™ to your workplace means less IT involvement and less hassle for end users.

There’s no need to download individual printer drivers for every device in your office. The Xerox Global Print Driver™ is a truly universal printer driver that lets you print to virtually any printer or multifunction printer – even to those made by other manufacturers.

Powerful universal driver simplifies printer management. Download brochure >

Printer driver advantages White paper >

Get your Xerox Global Print Driver today. Click here >

Solutions Tailored For You


PaperCut MF is a comprehensive copy and print management system designed to seamlessly monitor and control your resources with easy-to-use administrative and user tools that can be securely accessed from anywhere on the network though a web browser. 


Equitrac Office for Business

Equitrac Office is an intelligent print management solution that provides control, convenience, and choice to fully support evolving user requirements while reducing IT complexities. It provides end users with a secure mobile print workflow while controlling costs and simplifying administration of your output fleet. Equitrac Office enables single sign-on access to devices and services, personal print queues to maximise document security and mobility, and rules to create cost-effective printing behaviour.

Equitrac Express for Education

Equitrac Express print management software for colleges, universities, K-12 schools and libraries reduces the costs and complexities of managing print environments while ensuring users can print what they need, when they need it. This intelligent print management solution provides control, convenience, and choice to fully support evolving user requirements while reducing IT complexities.

Drivve Print

The reliable solution for document management and cost control. By secure document capture and release as well as the automatic distribution and redirection of print jobs and simultaneous compliance with defined print rules and rights, Drivve | Print makes printing at your work place secure, efficient and location-independent. 

Xerox® PrintSafe

Xerox® PrintSafe Software provides secure print authentication for printed data on all your multifunction printers, including both Xerox® devices and devices from other vendors. This software is open to work with your choice of industry standard secure readers and cards. It’s an affordable option for any size business. 


SafeCom delivers secure and cost efficient print and copy solutions with an emphasis on confidentiality, ease of use and environmental concern. With Xerox EIP-capable multifunction printers it is now possible to integrate SafeCom with the user interface on the MFP. 

Scan Solutions

Secure & streamline scanning

Deliver secure, streamlined records and document capture and collaboration workflows for your organisation. With robust error prevention, advanced recognition and correction features to help eliminate data loss and ensure records are captured, classified and archived correctly – and safely.

Achieve the highest levels of accuracy and automation, intelligent software that adjusts every page after being scanned, increased clarity with Optical Character Recognition.

Automatic de-skew and rotate with advanced colour drop out for easier viewing. Compatible with Dropbox, Evernote, Goggle docs, Office, Drop and Box. Access and quickly share business critical information for immediate collaboration, through easy web based portals.

Achieve further reductions in your carbon footprint as you reduce hard copy storage, and print requirements. Increase efficiency; ensure compliance with comprehensive audit trails.

Solutions Tailored For You


Nuance eCopy ShareScan v5.2 is a server-based solution designed to drive an increase in office productivity while decreasing the environmental footprint through automation of paper-intensive processes using Xerox multifunction printers (MFPs). eCopy ShareScan empowers workgroups and enterprises to capture the data in paper documents easily and securely using Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)-enabled MFPs. Nuance eCopy ShareScan is available in (4) configurations.

Drivve | Image

Drivve | Image is a high performance, feature-rich scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scan workflows into your information infrastructure. Drivve | Image optimizes business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security. 

Visioneer Acuity

Visioneer Acuity uses advanced algorithms and dynamic threshold, which enables your scanner to instantly improve the visual clarity of every document that you scan. The technology behind Acuity is clever, but for the user it’s simple to achieve crystal clear results with the touch of a button. 

NSI Autostore

Automate your document-driven business processes. AutoStore is an award-winning solution that orchestrates the capture and secure delivery of paper, electronic documents and data into business applications from a wide range of points of capture. 

Xerox Docushare

Designed with usability, flexibility and convenience in mind, Xerox® DocuShare® helps knowledge workers be more efficient every day by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes – the lifeblood of today’s work environment. 


Alchemy Document Management software enables you to automate any processes within your business that require manual input or intervention. Paper or data that is required to be routed around your organisation can now be automated or for simple storage and retrieval of your files. 

Xerox ConnectKey Scan Technology