Xerox Apps

Truly Customised

Using apps on your tablet or mobile phone makes life easier. Whether you’re checking a weather forecast, booking reservations, or shopping at your favorite retailer, apps make it simple to get in, get out and get it done. Now, the same goes for your printer or multifunction printer (MFP). 

Personalised Experience

Your business needs change over time. That’s why ConnectKey features an ever-evolving gallery of apps — including those from third-party developers — that lets you add, delete, or swap tools in your own custom app gallery.

Easily connect mobile workers to Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology-enabled devices. Use the Xerox® App Gallery to download new apps — scan and convert paper into the format you need with CapturePoint; translate documents via MFP, PC, or smart device with Easy Translator; share patient information securely with the healthcare app. ConnectKey Technology helps to streamline how your business deals with critical information — in-house or in the cloud.

ConnectKey apps

ConnectKey Apps are designed to assist your staff, by creating and simplifying every day tasks, making them faster and easeir to achieve. As with other software solutions, ConnectKey Apps enhances the capabilities of your multifunction printers (built on Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology) helping you to take advantage of the hardware investment.

But unlike the traditional softwares, ConnectKey Apps do not require a dedicated server, PC or IT resource. Instead, ConnectKey Apps are lightweight, serverless solutions you can download to your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer via USB or CentreWare Internet Services.

Pinnacle has the ability to create bespoke ConnectKey Apps, that will work for your organisation and help to turn your multifunction printer in to more than just a document producing machine in the corner of your office.

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