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Device as a Service

With businesses adopting a more permanent hybrid model and employees adapting to a blended remote and in-office work experience, businesses must also adjust their IT solutions for employees.

Meeting the demands of a modern workplace requires companies to provide the latest devices, software and services to keep employees connected, secure and productive.

A DaaS deployment allows a user’s device to be equipped for their needs, with all their data stored in the cloud and all apps customised and ready to go right out of the box without involving the company’s IT admin.

Device as a Service

What to expect from our service



Identify, predict and address issues, with analytics that use machine learning, preconfigured logic, and contextual data to deliver device, application, and usage insights that help you optimise your IT spending and resources.



DaaS also provides improved security, maintaining data and device protection while keeping employees connected and secure wherever they work. Organisations can, in turn, better prioritise business and customer needs.



Other benefits include the reallocation of IT personnel’s attention to more revenue-generating activity as well as an increase in employee productivity through access to the latest technology.

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Is now the right time?

While adopting DaaS can impact servicing employees in remote and office requirements, a DaaS deployment should be more than just a one size fits all solution.
Depending on a company size, we can create a bespoke plan that can be tailored to meet your business’s IT requirements, goals and budget needs.


Subscription based model with a predictable payment plan, boosting cash flow with no large capital outlay.

Lower TCO

Fewer hidden costs and a reduced management overhead.

Easy to Deploy

Devices can be delivered direct to the end user with no manual configuration needed by your IT department.


Employees have access to the latest technology, with free replacement or repairs during the life of the agreement.


Scalable & Secure

A range of security tools and features can be built in to the plan to ensure you are secure and Add devices as you grow.