Businesses evolve, so the workflow apps you need today say, a translation tool or scanning capability, may be different from the ones you need next year.

That’s where the Xerox App Gallery comes in. This collection of easily downloadable apps is a gateway to expanding and customising the capabilities of your MFP or Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology–equipped printer.

An app for every business and occasion


Auto Redaction

Securely accelerate redaction

Using cutting edge ai implementing google’s data loss prevention software, the app makes it simple to scan hard copy & get instant results, using preset or custom pii, allowing you to preview, print or email the document

- Choose criteria
- Scan & Redact
- Preview Jobs
- Print or email


Xerox Easy Translator

Translation at your fingertips

Xerox easy translator offers comprehensive language translation services by utilising state of the art technology. from instant machine translation of your hard copy documents to professional human translation services for your digital files

- Translate from an MFP, Phone or PC
- 20 File formats inc: jpg, Office & PDF
- World Class OCR
- Human translation for quality & Speed

The office

Business Apps

Apps to deliver defined outcomes

Our workplace apps are designed to simplify and automate everyday office activities and improve productivity from expenses to forms management to automating approval processes. taming the office processes, one app at a time.

- Connet for Concur
- Connect for SalesForce
- Forms Manager
- Connect for Quickbooks
- Signme


Education Apps

Connect to management systems

Helping automate grading and even taking the strain out of checking for plagiarism, our workflow apps can help simplify manual workflows as well as improve communication between students & staff.

- Connect for Blackbird
- Connect for Remark Test Grading​
- Proofreader Services


Mobile Apps

Apps for mobile workers

As mobile as workforces are today, mobile print needs to be convenient, simple and secure. our mobile printer apps provide a simple, hassle-free experience – and enable print when, where, and how you need it.

- Connect for Blackbird
- Connect for Remark Test Grading​
- Proofreader Services


Conversion Apps

Go digital

Go digital with documents to save office space, lower costs, and reduce waste. use your printer to convert paper documents into digital formats and resources allowing for easy emailing, storage, editing retrieval, translating and even listening.

- Audio Documents
- CapturePoint

Transform how
you work

How Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology transforms the printer into a smart workplace assistant.

Two families built on one technology


AltaLink Family

VersaLink Family



Unboxing opportunities with app technology

Multifunction printers that work the way you expect them to, with a consistent user experience across the portfolio. The perfect way to sync with the other devices you depend on to get work done.

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