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Xerox Workplace Solutions (XWS)

No matter where your team is working, they need an easy and convenient way to connect and access your company’s printer and services. 

Whether they’re scanning with an MFP app or printing from an office-based desktop computer, laptop, Chromebook or a mobile device on the go, Xerox® Workplace Solutions connects them to your multifunction printer effortlessly. 

All the while, you maintain control of user access, with complete visibility of document usage and content across your fleet.

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One solution, two options​

Your Server, On Your Site: 

Xerox® Workplace Suite is the ideal choice for those who need productivity for mobile devices and workers, but have additional requirements for data control.

Xerox Workplace Suite provides on-premises, server-based print management and mobile access for your printer fleet. It offers the benchmark security, convenience and usage insights you need to unleash productivity and reduce costs.

Simple Setup, Cloud Administration:

Our easy-to-use, IT-friendly Xerox® Workplace Cloud frees you from security risks. It offers convenience, usage insights and dashboard-based monitoring and control of your entire printer fleet.

Xerox Workplace Cloud is the ideal choice for organisations with limited access to IT support, and companies with more than one network or that are looking to reduce their infrastructure.

Benefits of a Workplace Solution

  • Flexible authentication methods to conveniently and securely access your printer services or release your print jobs. Have peace of mind knowing that only authorised users can safely access sensitive data or services and apps that you define.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capability to any SSO enabled app on your printer. Conveniently authenticate at the printer once with your card badge or mobile device and then securely access all your MFP SSO enabled apps without having to perform any additional, time consuming log-in steps.
  • Our content security workflow option safeguards against intellectual property loss by monitoring the documents being printed, copied or scanned across your entire fleet for specific text owners or administrators are notified when user-defined words or phrases are detected within jobs.
  • Print rules help take back control of your printers to reduce print volume and reduce costs by incorporating print rules to restrict access to features and devices.
  • Print and scan available through any mobile device.
  • Windows or Mac OS devices with the cloud desktop client.
  • Google Chromebooks with the chrome extension.
  • iOS and Android with the Workplace Mobile App.
  • Our reporting and analytics tools help give better line of sight across the fleet and uncover workflow inefficiencies or cost saving opportunities.
  • Workplace Cloud Home Worker Print Tracker gives visibility of jobs sent in the home as well as the office to give the complete view.
  • Set pre-defined print and scan costs and track usage to generate cost reports. Use project codes to charge back usage by departments or even specific projects.

Xerox Workplace Solutions