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Robotic Process Automation, the bot in the box

The latest innovation from Xerox is all about making work, work for you. Instead of spending time on manual processes, we are introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). From sending emails to filling out forms, the future is here and it’s happening automated.

Team discussing manual workload

What are we talking about?

Automation can be your best business partner, serving as an invaluable tool in business operations. Allowing you to focus on important and meaningful tasks.

  • Choose a bot solution tailored to your specific business needs.


  • Evaluate, develop, and seamlessly integrate the bot according to your specifications.


  • Provide ongoing support for easy integration into daily operations.”


Learn how our software-based technology allows your business to automate tasks completely.

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During our call, we’ll discuss your business and processes and follow up with tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, save time for your employees, and improve overall process accuracy.

Process Automation modernises your business


If the perfect bot doesn’t exist for your needs, we’re on it—creating a bespoke solution just for you. With our end-to-end automation service, we lift the weight off your shoulders, freeing up your time. Ready to put your business on autopilot with Xerox® RPA? Discover the limitless possibilities in our capability brief.

Industries are Automating


Use Invoice Processing Bot

Extracts information from invoices and validates tax, purchase orders, goods received notes and payment terms and dates and pays invoices accordingly.


Use the Asset Management Bot

Integrate agency and supplier asset records for a real-time consolidated view.

HR & Recruiting

Use the Employee Onboarding Bot

Send welcome emails to new employees with onboarding instructions.

Find out what other bots we’ve built from these departments.


Use the Deposition Notices Bot

Processes legal documents and unstructured data using OCR, AI/ML and RPA. Streamlines notice identification, extracts the data, and automatically enters the data directly into client management systems for appointment scheduling.


Use the Swivel Seat Automation Bot

Automate agent actions on the desktop such as swivel seats, asset management of database, and administration in the ticketing tool.

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