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Direct Mail Marketing Company

Production Print – Iridesse


The customer had an abundance of hardware from multiple (incompatible)
suppliers with varying quality standards. The customer required an end-to-end
printing solution that could simplify their processes to encourage shorter
customer lead times.


Our Production Specialist performed a demonstration at the Xerox Innovation
Center, reproducing day-to-day processes for the customer. As part of the
experience, the team could demonstrate specific cost reductions and ROI for the
customer. The data demonstrated that despite a higher initial cost, the quality that
Xerox offers would, over time, increase its margins.

The product demonstration reinforced the productivity and cost-saving functionality
the Xerox Iridesse would present for the business.

Pinnacle helped remove the old kit and installed the Iridesse, offering an exclusive in-house help desk service to assist with any onboarding issues.


1. Cost Reduction: Scaling down and limiting the number of devices the company had, led to lower operating costs and increased profit margins for the company.

2. Increased Productivity: With fewer machines in operation, fewer staff were needed, and fewer breakdowns occurred as a result. Pinnacle’s help desk was able to assist with any initial onboarding issues within 24 hours.

3. Versatility: The introduction of Xerox-based applications and the increased capabilities of the Iridesse’s print press (more printable materials and a larger range of colours), have widened the company’s service offering.

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