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Gas Supplier and Energy Company

Cloud-Based Solution


The customer had a fleet of 69 HP and Apogee devices which were ageing and
becoming unreliable. There was a lack of document management solutions in
place, and document security needed evaluation, given the sensitive nature of
the data. The industry was forcing the customer to be more compliant, so they
entered the market looking for a solution.


Pinnacle outperformed its competitors by offering an all-encompassing security,
document and print management solution. Pinnacle installed a proximity card
that restricted usage to specific staff members, allowing the business to
effectively manage its technology.

The customer was introduced to Xerox Workflow Central, where they could
automate particular processes, saving them time and money. The Pinnacle team
were able to integrate these workflows with Office 365, the same platform the
business was using at the time of installation.

A key aspect of Pinnacle’s offering was the exclusive customer help desk.
Anytime there is an error or malfunction in automation, the help desk is on hand
to assist. Remotely or in person, depending on the issue.


1. Time Saving Automation: Through Xerox Workflows, Pinnacle were able to set up an automated process that could organise business documents into an easy to navigate structure, saving time and increasing productivity for the team.

2. Increased Security: Pinnacle were able to introduce a proximity card that is used to regulate which members of staff can access which terminals.

3. Helpdesk Support: The customer has access to Pinnacle’s in-house help desk. The help desk is on hand to remote onto devices, resolve over the phone or perform a site visit to resolve any issues.

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