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Managed Document Solutions


The customer needed more control over its documents. Security, print volume, devices in the field and chosen solutions partners were all considerations, as these factors were contributing to escalating costs. The customer’s main objectives were cost reduction costs and document security.


Pinnacle started the project by conducting a situational analysis involving a gap
analysis, as fully understanding the business status and where they wanted to
be was crucial.

This process unearthed the excessive amount the customer was spending on

Pinnacle demonstrated the operational impact of the suggested changes; a
cost-effective solution, utilising Xerox Workplace Cloud. The client was able to
dramatically reduce its server cost. Another benefit of using Xerox Workplace
Cloud was the flexibility to control costs by limiting printing and monitoring
activity throughout the company.

All products were tested in a proof-of-concept environment. Pinnacle maintain
an ongoing relationship with the customer, ensuring they remain up-to-date with
the latest trends.


1. IT Infrastructure Savings: Pinnacle reduced the customer’s spending on its technology infrastructure and will continue to support the IT department through the in-house help desk.

2. Increased Security: The customer has full document visibility through Pinnacle’s Managed Document Solution, providing better control of operational processes.

3. Sustainable Print: By creating a bespoke portal, the customer can monitor print volumes and restrict usage if it exceeds what they have operationally pledged. Responsible printing is important to businesses of all sizes, and Pinnacle was able to assist the customer in operating more sustainably.

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