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Cloud-Based Solution


The customer required their documents in digital format. When the business entered the market, they worked from physical paper documentation. The customer wanted to retrieve documents promptly, increase data security and ensure back-ups were scheduled.


Pinnacle was the only company that could offer Cloud Document Management systems as a complete package. Pinnacle presented a proof-of-concept, utilising automation through DocuShare Flex to organise documents automatically.

The customer was already using Office 365 in some aspects of its business. Pinnacle were able to integrate this with Xerox DocuShare. Pinnacle’s help desk was on hand to give training days to the staff so that they would be able to uphold the system once it had been launched.

The new cloud system, training and implementation of the new solution, was
completed within ten days.


1. Time Saving Automation: Through Xerox DocuShare, Pinnacle set up an automated process that could organise the documents into an easy-to-navigate structure, saving time and increasing
productivity for the team.

2. Increased Security: Through Pinnacle’s Managed Document Solution, the client can see where documents go from creation to designation while having complete control over who can access which documents.

3. Sustainable Print: By creating a bespoke portal, the client can monitor print volumes and restrict usage if it exceeds what they have operationally pledged. Responsible printing is important to
businesses of all sizes, and Pinnacle was able to assist the customer in operating more sustainably.

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