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Cloud-Based Solution


The customer had a vast amount of historical data on their ageing servers, which
were beginning to fail. A solution to handle all current and future data retrieval
and storage needs was required. As the client dealt with sensitive
documentation, they also needed to guarantee the security of the documents.


Pinnacle recommended the Xerox DocuShare content management tool, offering
a highly secure cloud environment. An additional benefit includes the option to
upgrade their storage capacity.

By offering this cloud based solution, the client would be able to scale their storage solution as they grew in the future with minimal effort. By utilising the cloud they clients workforce were also given more flexibility to get access to the documents they needed wherever they were. As long at they had access to a internet connection.

During installation, Pinnacle were able to add security levels to different file locations. Allowing the client to regulate which departments had access to which areas. For example, personal files HR would use, were kept away from the rest of
the team.


1. Time Saving Automation: Through Xerox DocuShare, Pinnacle set up an automated process that organised the documents into an easy-to-navigate structure, saving time and increasing team

2. Increased Security: Through Pinnacle’s Managed Document Solution, the customer was able to see the document’s life cycle, from creation to designation, whilst having complete control over who can access documents.

3. Sustainable Print: By creating a bespoke portal, the client was able to monitor print volume and were able to restrict if this exceeded what had been pledged. Sustainability is at the core of this business. Pinnacle has ensured that the customer will continue to print responsibly.

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